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Experian Background Checking Review

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Are you in need of employment screening, tenant screening or background checks for one or more industry sectors in the UK? If so, Experian Background Checking is a one-stop shop for all legal documents and information around residents in the UK.

This is one of very few sites where you can access background checks on people in the UK. It is trusted and used by numerous businesses, offering accurate information, much of which is sourced by a team of specialists.

Primarily, this is a website for businesses who wish to perform checks on candidates or employees, although its services could extend to a range of sectors. They also offer unique reports which are industry-specific, meaning that if you’re in a particular industry and certain elements of a person’s history are particularly important, these are taken into account. You can choose from a range of industries including automotive, construction, financial services, healthcare, higher education, hotels, pharmaceuticals, retail, recruitment and transportation, amongst others.

Whilst the site’s FAQ is lacking, you can contact the team for support, or even fill in a request to be called when one of them is free. Another factor to be aware of is that this site does not really help you to locate people, rather it only performs checks on their history. 

Reports are constructed by professionals, so they can take some time. Additionally, although the site offers no prices, we expect that the bespoke services will often be more expensive than the instant searches. The range of background searches you can perform is extensive, ranging from criminal record checks to making sure that a potential employee has the professional experience they claim to have.

If you are a landlord or estate agency, you can perform tenant checks. This is an online system which combines criminal record checks with credit checks and more. It correlates this data to suggest whether a potential tenant will have any difficulty affording their rent, or whether they have a high risk of not paying on time.

This is a UK-based website, with their specialisations tending to be within UK law, however, they can provide services outside of this specialisation. It would be wise to contact the customer services team to discuss this, if you are abroad and looking for information about anyone from the UK.

One great feature of the site is its events section, which gives you details of information and training events which are coming up. This offers an opportunity to train staff or simply to make sure that you are conforming to UK law. You won’t find this on many background check websites, although the events are all in the UK so if you live elsewhere then you would need to travel in order to attend.

Overall, we feel that Experian.co.uk offers a comprehensive and professional service. Their reports offer a lot of useful information, without becoming intrusive. This site is probably better suited to businesses, rather than individuals looking to find old friends, as it tends not to reveal contact information.

Whilst the prices are unknown to us, they claim to be affordable. What’s more, they’ll call you to discuss what you need, free of charge. If you’re in the UK and looking for some background information, whether you’re hiring or looking for new tenants, Experian could be the website for you.

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