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Employee Screen Review

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Employee Screen is like a supermarket for finding out about your employees. They offer a variety of background check and screening services, some of which are provided by outside companies. These range from checking criminal records to driving licences, from crosschecking military records to organizing drugs screenings. 

Since there is a focus on employees, EmployeeScreen.com is really only going to be useful to you if you’re an employer. Whilst some of its services will be applicable to finding friends and family, you really need to know the key details of the person you’re researching, so it’s fairly useless when it comes to tracking or reconnecting with someone.

There are several key areas which make up the EmployeeScreen package: identity and credit, drivers’ records, criminal records, a range of professional verifications, substance abuse checks, applicant tracking and small business solutions. Each of these is split into subsections with a variety of services and tests which can be performed on your behalf.

These services tend to require a dedicated member of staff to perform them, rather than allowing you to simply type in a couple of bits of information and receive an instant report. As such, the service might be a little expensive, but it’s hard to know for sure because the prices are only provided when you contact the team with your particular business needs.

The site itself offers solid and clear descriptions of each service, what it includes and how it might be used. You can locate a lot of information around the site and even chat to a member of the team using live chat. Additionally, you can download a guide to help you through the process.

Whilst we’re fairly convinced that the website has selected some decent companies to perform some of its work (such as drugs testing), we can’t check on them all. If you require a certain check to be made and find that it will be outsourced to another company, we’d recommend that you do a little research into that company first to make sure that they are reputable and will provide the information you are looking for.

Checking on an employee’s validity, and that they are complying to the standards set out in their contract, could make a big difference to any company. EmployeeScreen allows a business to complete a range of checks in one place, making it easy to use, and preventing any confusion by using a variety of sites for different tasks. However, their lack of prices is disconcerting, and some users might find a few of the services they offer too intrusive.

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