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InteliGator helps you to snap at the heels of almost anyone in the US, by providing access to more than a billion documents. You can perform criminal checks, look for relatives and associates, get income information and property ownership data, and much more, for under $20 per month.

Whilst all of this sounds impressive, the services aren’t unique to Inteligator.com and you’ll find similar background check options elsewhere. Additionally, their choice of documents is somewhat limited, as are the search options. Despite not setting the world alight, however, this website offers a solid service for a fair price.

Our basic searches pulled up a decent number of results. However, you cannot view any of the information until you pay for membership. Registration is simple and there are really only two options to choose from: you can opt to try the system for just 4 days on a trial membership, or you can pay for unlimited membership. Each allows you to access the database of records, without limitation.

The records allow you to access data from all over the US. They hold over 3500 county court records, 30 years’ worth of address histories and 300 million criminal records, amongst others, meaning that you can really dig back into a person’s history.

The site can be used to check on someone you already know, or to find someone who has gone off your radar. This is useful for seeking out old friends or family members, but you can also use the data to find out about someone’s property and finances. 

As with most sites of this kind, you can check on information for around 90% of the US population. We would, however, like to see a few more options for less mainstream records, as well as improved searching options. It would also be beneficial if they could provide one-off purchase options for anyone who just wants one or two reports, rather than having to shell out for the monthly package. Still, if you fall into this category then you could use the 4 day trial, which is relatively cheap if you want to perform several checks over a short period.

The site might also be useful if you’re getting unwanted correspondence, as you can check who has been calling you (using a reverse phone search) or emailing you (using a reverse email address search). If you’re worried about your family’s safety, then you can also use the unlimited sex offender searches to find out if there are any registered sex offenders living nearby.

Whilst InterliGator might not have everything, it’s a good background checks website which allows you to do some research for a reasonable price.

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