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Certified Background Review

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More people go to university than ever before. Subsequently, keeping up with who is who, recalling their information accurately and providing a simple way of updating it, is becoming all the more important. Certified Profile has joined together with Certified People to offer its users a comprehensive data storage and background check service.

Unlike many of the background check websites in this category, Certified Background is focused solely on college and university human resources. It allows you to perform checks on students and staff, updating their information easily so that you can quickly bring up their details when needed.

The system includes several unique features to help things run smoothly. Essentially it’s a filing system, allowing you to manage data simply, whilst also offering a few background check options to make sure data is accurate. 

Students and staff can log in to update their details or view their profile. Administrators can then request updates, setting deadlines. A useful feature of this system is that files can be shared between users, so if a student needs to fill in a form (such as a parking permit) they can easily download the form, fill it in, and then share it with the relevant departments. This makes for a smooth process of data exchange, and thereafter the student’s details are updated.

The benefits of this system are improved accuracy and speed, but the CertifiedBackground service should, in theory, save dollars through reducing the need for additional man hours (cutting out the need to have somebody passing messages and documents between individuals). 

CertifiedBackground.com can also be used to screen students and employees. More than 1600 colleges and universities use the system across the US, giving us some confidence that it performs well over time.

In addition, the site offers an app for users to download, allowing them to access their account easily on the move. Users can log in quickly as they simply need to input their student email address, badge access code or client username.

Prices are something of a mystery to us as you need to get in touch with the sales team to discuss your particular needs. Our assumption is that increasing the number of accounts you open will mean each account is cheaper to set up and maintain, so it’s ideal for larger institutions such as universities.

If you’re not sure exactly what’s on offer, then you can check the site’s video, which explains some of the functions of Certified Background. There’s also a PDF of the company’s end of year report, if you’re interested in knowing their plans. Additionally, you can sign up for webinars for free.

Overall, we were very impressed by what Certified Background had to offer. It’s certainly not a site for everyone as it’s tailored towards human resource departments in large institutions, but it does its job well. Assuming you’re in this market and have the money to spend, this seems like a quality service to help you manage and maintain your student and staff records.

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