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Are you looking to reunite with an old friend? Perhaps you’re in charge of Human Resources and need to perform background checks? Do you want to find out who has been calling you during the night? Whatever reason you might have for wanting to perform checks on an individual, US Search is a possible solution for anyone living in the US. 

The website provides a range of background check services for a very reasonable fee. It’s easy to use, quick, and accurate. For the majority of searches you simply need to input some basic information (such as a name or postcode), locate the person you’re interested in from a list of possibilities, click through to the report, and pay to receive it. Information is provided in an easy to understand format, and you don’t need to worry about your identity being revealed.

USSearch provides plenty of legal information, including public records, to anyone who is looking for it, and willing to pay. You can even check your own files to discover what potential employers might find out about you if they were to access your information using the service.  If you discover that your information has been confused with somebody else (such as a convicted felon) you can seek assistance in trying to clarify the differences so that your name isn’t given a black mark by anyone looking for you.

  The website provides a range of background check services for a very reasonable fee. It’s easy to use, quick, and accurate.  

Searches take information from a lot of resources, some of which will draw from hundreds of elements for one search.  Despite this level of detail, however, you should find the service to be very quick. Several of the basic searches can provide instant results, and more detailed files will usually be provided within 24 hours. This makes it ideal for finding out about someone quickly, which is particularly useful if you’ve just performed interviews and wish to check up on a candidate before offering them a job.

Stored information is only regarding US citizens and foreign nationals who live in the US. If you’re looking for data on a foreigner who lives outside the US, or on someone in your home country (and you don’t live in the USA) then you’ll need to use another website. It would be very useful if US Search could provide an international service, but that isn’t its focus. Additionally, you cannot search for minors or public figures. 

There are a few more limitations, which make sense to us in terms of preventing your information from being leaked and causing you problems. For example, you cannot perform credit history checks, bank details or information about your social security. You might also discover that some further information has been restricted based on particular US state laws.

The site offers a versatile array of services, rather than focusing on one or two types of background checks. This means you should be able to do most of your research on this site alone. Of course, this could add up in terms of cost. However, you can upgrade your free membership to the OmniSearch package, which gives you discounts on an unlimited number of searches.

If you are sure you’ll be performing a lot of searches (10 or more) then you can contact the team to receive a quote on bulk searches. Prices depend on the kind of searches you wish to perform, and the quantity over time.

The site is keen to keep things confidential on your end, so you don’t need to worry about individuals finding out that you’ve been researching their history. The company has been running since 1994 and has subsequently built a reputation for being trustworthy and legitimate. 

  Initial searches are free, letting you know if the information you want is even available, so you don't waste money on fruitless searches.  

As we briefly mentioned, the website is very easy to use. You should have no problems, even as a complete beginner although, if you do experience any issues, then you can call the customer support team, or send them a message. We would, however, like to see a table for price comparisons between searches. At the moment, you need to select the search-type, then perform a basic search in order to find out how much it would cost. 

Initial searches are free, letting you know if the information you want is even available, so you don't waste money on fruitless searches. This means you won’t waste any money performing fruitless searches. Membership is useful if you’re thinking of performing several searches, but otherwise it doesn’t necessarily offer great discounts if you only want to find one or two documents.

As well as offering a discount, paid membership provides you with credits which can be spent on performing searches, meaning that you’ll get a few freebies along the way. Discounts vary depending on your search, ranging from around 5% to 30%.

To conclude, we felt that USsearch.com offered its users a comprehensive and user-friendly service, with detailed, understandable reports. Its membership options are good for anyone wishing to perform multiple searches, offering some savings. Whilst its files are restricted to the US, the service is reliable and lawful, as well as protecting your identity as you browse. 

This is a professional solution to performing background checks in the USA, and we feel that it covers the key areas confidently.

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