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Kroll Background Screening Review

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Are you interested in finding out more about your employees? Whether you’re simply concerned about a part of their history, or wish to better support them in the workplace, Kroll Background Screening supplies a range of services to help you.

Services range from pre-employment checks to being able to screen vendors or suppliers before you take out contracts. These services are designed to help you make well-judged decisions on who to hire and deal with, hopefully saving you the hassle of having to fill those positions at a later date, should they not work out.

You can also perform checks on current employees, including health and drugs tests, if you feel these are appropriate to the job and individual in question. Overall, the screening services on offer go beyond simply checking old records, and allow you to find out exact information which will help you to make business decisions in the future.

KrollBackgroundScreening.com seems proud of its tailored solutions. Essentially they can take different tests, or elements from different screening processes, and apply them to your particular needs. For example, if you are looking for a young, healthy individual who has experience in using a particular vehicle, with no convictions or drugs problems, the Kroll team should be able to obtain the relevant information to help you to find your ideal candidate.

This site is not going to be of use if you wish to find somebody, and it’s really not designed for individuals to find information on their friends and neighbours. You can do that using other background check websites, some of which offer low cost solutions in an instant. Rather, Kroll take a hands-on approach, acquiring the data for you and then producing a written report. 

If you need any help or want to ask more questions then you can get in touch with the customer services team. We anticipate that these services will be at least a little more expensive than some others out there, because of the bespoke nature of the information gathering. You can also check out the HireRight library or the news and events section to find out a little more.

To conclude, we feel that KrollBackgroundScreening offers a wide range of effective background check services for businesses. Whilst they might not appeal to everyone, and a little more information could be provided online, the services offered seemed professional and in depth. 

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