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Spokeo Review

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Spokeo warns that you might be shocked by the detail of information you’ll receive, as though it were a public health warning. That seems a bit hyperbolic, but we don’t doubt that the service offers low-cost, high-quality information about people. 

It is a people search engine which offers public records, social networking information, white page listings and more, to help you find out a bit more about whomever you’re interested in.

There are several target markets for Spokeo. If you’re involved in human resources, you might wish to check a potential employee’s immigration records, or make sure they haven’t received any serious convictions. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to get married, then you might wish to find out a little more about your soon-to-be-betrothed, by performing a search for previous marriage and divorce documents. Perhaps you’re interested in knowing where a family member has disappeared to? You can also do this by tracing a person’s location through the website. 

Spokeo.com claims to utilize billions of resources to help you find the information you need. This is impressive, and we were also pleased to see that the searches covered a wide range of information. If you’re looking for previous felonies, for example, the system checks a whole range of categories, from assault to domestic disputes, from sexual convictions to misdemeanors. 

The service is easy to use. You simply input the information you know (whether it’s a person’s birthday, name, location or something else – their name seems to be the most effective) and you can then locate all matching individuals within a US state, based on their criminal history or personal and legal history. Results are then shown and you can opt to purchase a report.

When it comes to buying a report, you have one of two options: firstly, you can just pay a set fee to access the information. Prices vary depending on the data you require, but fees are very reasonable. The second choice is to join as a member. Membership is low cost and gives you a discount on all records and reports. If you’re interested in more than one report then you’ll probably save money through taking out a monthly membership.

The website’s services are a little too underdeveloped at times, and it can feel as though you have little control over the specific information you’re trying to obtain. This could be a problem if you receive a document and the information isn’t exactly what you were looking for.

There is a 100% money back guarantee if you pay for a report and it offers no information. This is fine, although it’s worth remembering that even a slight note in any report means that you will incur the full cost. 

There are a few additional services which are available, including checking an email address or phone number, a username or an address. These are all useful if you’ve been receiving unwanted correspondence and wish to find out who the perpetrator is. 

When using the site, your personal identity is protected. This means that nobody will be aware that you are trying to find information on them. You can also check your own records to find out what a potential employer or researcher might find out about you. 

Spokeo’s services are US-based, so the site won’t be of much use to people outside of the US. However, they do monitor immigration records, so if you have family members who moved to or from the USA, you might be able to find out a little about them, potentially even tracking them down.

Whilst Spokeo.com doesn’t offer the full range of documents that some sites might provide, its searches are in-depth and fairly priced. Ignoring the somewhat-silly remarks about shocking you with their services, this seems to be a professional site which takes your research seriously. 

If you’re in the US and want to find out about someone, Spokeo ought to be a big help.

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