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Gov Registry Review

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It is important to note that GovRegistry.us is not run or owned in any way by the US government, rather it is just the name of the website. GovRegistry.us supplies a range of information for a 3 day trial or monthly rate.

GovRegistry has received some damning reviews on the internet, but we do feel it’s made a little progress in areas. However, there are still a few gremlins hidden away. The main issue some people have with this site is that its charges appear hidden, which could be seen as deceptive. They do state their policies and additional fees clearly in the “terms” section of their website, however, you ought to get in touch with them before taking out any kind of membership if you’re still unsure what you’re paying and what you’ll receive.

You can take out a 3 day trial membership, allowing you to explore the site and access a decent range of reports. The information on the reports is somewhat lacking in comparison with other sites, though, and whether or not you’ll find it that useful is up for debate. Be wary, too, of forgetting to cancel your trial. If you do not cancel your 3 day trial you will be charged the full monthly fee.

This website provides background reports, criminal records, people searched, phone tracing and sex offender searches. None of this is unique, and whilst the system is pretty easy to use, there’s nothing special on offer. For around $20 per month, the site is not cheap, nor is it expensive. 

If you need further information or help, then you can check the site’s FAQ, which is well organised. It can be a little hard to find some information though, which appears to have been squirrelled away. Alternatively you can contact the customer support team via email. 

Whilst we do admit that Gov Registry feels like it’s made progress, that niggling feeling that they’re trying to trick you into paying for more than you bargained for still persists. If prices were laid out clearly, with a direct note to suggest that you might need to pay additional fees, we’d feel more comfortable. 

Given that the site is still not open about its pricing, and that its reports can lack information at times, we find it relatively hard to suggest using GovRegistry. Our searches gave us lots of results, though, so if you’re struggling on another site, then this is always one to fall back on. Just remember to cancel that 3 day trial period of you’ll find a sting in its tail.

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