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People Finders Review

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With well over 20 years’ experience in helping people to locate others, PeopleFinders is a reliable source for any people-hunter. Whether you’re looking for family members, old friends, colleagues or something else altogether, it has the basics in place to help you do so. 

One of the stand-out qualities of this website is its free information. Without even signing up, you can perform a search in a range of categories (namely Background Checks, Criminal Records, Public Records and Genealogy Searches). You are then presented with some basic information, such as all the people in a particular state (or the whole of the US if you prefer) with a certain name, their relatives, where they’ve lived and more. 

If you want to get in touch with someone or find out more about them, you’ll need to pay for the service. There are several options available to help you here: firstly, you can pay a set fee to gain access to a particular document or report. If you just need one report, this is probably the preferable method of buying it. However, if you think you’ll be interested in multiple documents, then you might want to consider membership. 

You can purchase regular membership, which gives a significant discount on a number of reports, or you can take out an Unlimited Membership, which lets you search for particular documents as often as you like. If, for example, you want to check the state-wide criminal records of 10 people, you might be best getting the Unlimited membership to do so.

Whatever you decide on, it’s worth making a few checks and calculations to see which offer comes out the cheapest. The site can be a bit difficult when it comes to finding prices, but with some persistence you’ll get there.

PeopleFinders.com seems to have abandoned its corporate searches in favor of helping individuals to locate people. That said, you can also perform unclaimed money searches which help you track down companies who owe people money. This is mainly useful if you’re looking for information on yourself or a family member, particularly if you feel that you might be owed some cash.

The site is intuitive to use. You simply pick the kind of report you want, insert the information (usually a person’s name), choose the relevant US state, (or select “all states”), perform a search, choose the individuals you are looking for, and then follow it through to payment. However, you can also view some extra information for free, such as their close relatives, past addresses and more. This helps you to identify whether or not it’s the person you’re looking for, as quite often you’ll find an individual has several namesakes.

Whilst we are satisfied with the information provided, and experienced no issues in registration or in the customer service, we must acknowledge a few complaints against PeopleFinders. Several users have complained that their trial periods have automatically updated at the end of the period (usually after 7 days) and they were then charged a full monthly fee. This isn’t uncommon with trial periods, and we urge anyone considering the site to read the terms and conditions carefully before using their payment details.

We feel that the site offers good value for money, although they don’t offer a guarantee if you don’t get any useful information in your report. If you have purchased membership, you can get some big discounts on reports, so it’s worth checking out all the options before you decide which one to go with. 

Searches are quick, noticeably so when compared with some of the site’s peers. You can also be assured that your identity won’t be given away when you use the service, so there’s no need to worry about someone tracing the data back to you.

Previous connections to Criminal Searches seem to have dissolved, or at least have been downplayed. This means that using Criminal Searches is no longer a part of the package, although the site performs detailed criminal record checks of its own accord, so there’s nothing lost really, unless you want a great deal of information regarding someone’s criminal activities.

People Finder is a very useful site, and we were impressed with its search speed. However, it doesn’t cover quite as many reports as some of the sites we’ve reviewed. Despite that, we do like the fact that you can view some information for free. We do feel slightly more nervous about unwanted sign up fees than we used to, but assuming you know what you’re signing up for, this site ought to provide enough data for most background checks.

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