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Background Checks Review

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BackgroundChecks.com provides a wide range of background check services, primarily for business. Whilst individuals can use the services, and some of its reports are very cheap, it’s more geared towards finding information from millions of official governmental, court and business reports.

The site is split into “personal” and “business” sections, but you’ll soon find that the “personal” section only really contains four report options:  driving record reports, National or State criminal record checks, and National background checks with annual monitors. The last of these provides you with a month-by-month update on any individual’s criminal record, which could be useful if you are awaiting information from trials, or even if you want to make sure your kids are behaving themselves!

A number of the checks on Background Checks can be performed instantly online. These reports are much cheaper than the others, which require contact with particular organizations in order to acquire the necessary information. Prices therefore vary quite a lot, ranging from very cheap to quite expensive. 

The “business” section of this site provides a much greater diversity of background checks. You can also pay for several searches at once, including up to 25 USAliasSEARCH background checks. The savings can be significant, so if you think you might perform multiple searches, then it’s worth considering the volume sales options.

Background checks focus around public data, utilising millions of records and a team of experts to help find the relevant information for your reports. Although you can retrieve contact information, this is less of a focus and we felt that the site was probably set up for employers to check on their employees. They also offer unusual reports such as drugs test results.

The site explains its reports clearly, with examples. This is very useful to anyone who isn’t exactly sure what they’ll find or how it might appear as a report. There is, however, quite a lot to read around the site, which might be a little more user-friendly. We also found it a bit of a pain to find prices for reports, although at least prices are provided prior to requesting a report, so you don’t need to wait for a search to process before knowing how much it will cost.

With BackgroundChecks.com, much of the work is taken out of your hands.  You simply request information, it is hunted down and then delivered to you. Subsequently, such reports come with a higher price tag. However, this also means you’re probably more likely to get accurate information because the people performing the searches know how the systems work.

Overall, we feel that Background Checks could be of real use to businesses. We’re less convinced by the “personal” segment of the site, which is limited and quite expensive.  

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