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PeopleSmart offers its members a simple interface to perform public records searches. These records provide you with information on individuals in the US, regarding their address, contact details, background and criminal activities.

The site presents itself as a useful tool for reconnecting with lost friends, loved ones and classmates, and it’s true that this is a great site for the features it provides. You can easily locate old friends or family members if you know their name (and preferably which state or city they are in). 

Results process quickly (up to 30 seconds) so you won’t be waiting around all day to get in touch with someone. However, if you’re outside the US then you cannot perform a search. This is unfortunate because it means that People Smart is not useful to anyone outside of the US, even if you’re looking for someone in the states.

There are three membership options to choose from, all of which offer unlimited searches. This means that you can perform as many searches and acquire as many documents as you like during your membership period. Prices are fairly standard, and offer good value for money, with the 6 month contract costing under $10 per month.

You cannot pay for a single document, though. Rather you must take out membership for at least a month. This is a little troublesome if you only want to find one basic piece of information, such as an email address, as it means you’ll have to pay for a whole month’s membership just for that basic piece of information. There are other sites which allow you to purchase one piece of information, without having to become a full member, so if you’re in this category then you might wish to look elsewhere.

The site contains most, but not all, of the various search features you’d hope to find. These include finding criminal records, court records, addresses, phone numbers and more. However, this could be extended, and although there is mention of a business side (to help save you money and prevent any bad press by hiring the wrong person), this is underdeveloped in areas.

What we did like about this site was that it was very easy to use. In fact you can use a step-by-step wizard to help you find your own records and potentially even adapt them if they’re inaccurate. These changes will then filter through all systems so that anyone performing a search on you will find accurate records.

As they recommend, Smart People probably is best suited to anyone who is looking to reunite with an old flame, friend or family member. However, to get true value for money it would be best if you were looking for several people, so that you can take advantage of the unlimited membership. 

The site does a good job, but in many respects it’s just a little behind some of its peers. Given the fact that it’s pretty much in line, cost-wise, with other people-finding websites, it’s hard to really recommend it over another site. 

However, if you’re new to using background check websites and would like to learn how to use them effectively, PeopleSmart.com might be useful to you because it offers helpful wizard tools to guide you through the process. You might also be interested in it if you wish to find and possibly adapt your own records, which isn’t a service you’ll find everywhere.

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