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Hire Right Review

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HireRight is a company which focuses on helping you to screen employees and potential employees. Subsequently, it’s suitable for a range of businesses, offering over 100 screening options for a variety of industries. Whilst it keeps its cards close to its chest when it comes to revealing prices, the background check services seem in depth. 

As the site suggests, businesses can lose a lot of money in lawsuits with employees, and 3 in 10 failed businesses were closed because of employee issues. As such, it’s important to make sure that potential employees are as they appear, before hiring them and being tied into protective contracts. 

The upsides of this service are obvious to your company: you reduce the risk of hiring unskilled or unsuitable candidates, and therefore reduce the risks to your company. However, as you may notice if you read a few reviews of Hire Right, this system isn’t always great for the person being offered a job.

There are several reports of individuals who have struggled with Hire Right’s customer services team. Either their documents aren’t being processed quickly enough, and job offers are retracted, or there has been poor communication between the various parties. Either way, this is worrying.

But it’s important to remember that this isn’t everyone’s experience, and you tend to get a lot more dissatisfied customers leaving comments online than you get from happy customers. This is backed up by the fact that HireRight.com is used by 40,000 organizations.

Another positive is the fact that HireRight is an international company. They can perform background checks on people all over the world, which is not common in this industry. You’ll generally find that most background check websites focus on the US, so if you’re looking to go abroad or hire someone from outside of the states, this site could really help.

Prices are not provided until you talk to the sales team about your particular needs, so we cannot comment on how the services available will cost. However, the website is informative and provides plenty of information in the form of blog posts, newsletters and articles, so you can learn about what they do, and how you can improve your employment experiences, for free.

Hire Right won’t be useful for finding or reconnecting with people. It relies on your candidates providing documents and information, rather than hunting for people who have absconded. 

Despite some dissatisfied users, we felt that this website had a lot to offer employers. It’s less useful for potential employees because it requires them to provide their details for background checks to continue, but it’s there to help protect the business rather than the new employee.

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