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Have you ever wondered if Jimmy in Finance really did go to college? After all, he’s useless without a calculator, and repeatedly makes report errors. Perhaps he needs some extra support, or – you never know – maybe he’s not even legally allowed to work in the UK! If you want to find out more about your employees or potential employees, Onfido.com has a range of affordable background check options for people living and working in the UK.

This is a site which is primarily going to be of use to businesses, both large and small. It allows you to choose from several background checks, from ID to criminal records, employment history to media presence, to help you support your employees and help secure your business’ future.

You can choose from three categories of background checks: Core, Criminal and Additional. Whilst the range isn’t as extensive as you’ll find on some US-based websites, they stay within legal UK limits of what you can and cannot find out about your employees.

Prices are very reasonable, at between £10 and around £45 per report. Whilst you can probably find out some of this information for yourself (particularly with the cheaper reports, such as an employment history check), it saves you the time and effort of having to research it all yourself. What’s more, Onfido’s team are professionals who do this day in day out, so they know how to approach the various institutions in order to attain the information they need.

The site is clear and well designed, simple without withholding information. However, whilst it provides some details about each report, we would like a little more in each description as it’s not always entirely clear what a report will show.

As well as offering a range of background checks, the site also has links to customer feedback, API documents, an FAQ and blog. Additionally, you can follow them on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

An interesting option which we haven’t seen on many background check websites, is the Negative Media Check. This could be particularly useful if a potential employee is going to be writing public documents or might come under fire publically. 

Whilst onfido isn’t the most comprehensive background checking service around, it does offer clear and concise information, with a useful range of services for the UK. Their prices won’t blow the bank, and their professional team should take a bit of the work out of making sure your employees and potential employees are up to standard. They also offer a generous free trial, so there's nothing to lose by giving them a try.

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