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Public Background Checks Review

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Public Background Checks allows you to search through public records to find information on US residents. You can use it to check on a person’s history or to help find someone you want to contact. 

This website offers two kinds of payment options: the first is to just pay for the documents you require. Prices tend to be fair, although can be a little high at times. The alternative, if you want to locate several reports, is to pay for Unlimited membership. This allows you to acquire reports for a significant discount, and can mean that you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

The variety of searches is broad, from criminal record checks to family records. You can also check on the ownership of properties or search for named sex offenders in your area. Whilst the selection of reports available is fine, (better than many sites in fact) it’s still not as versatile as some of the top rated sites in this category.

Searching for someone is quick and easy, and our trials gave a reasonable number of results. As such, this service ought to be useful for more basic searches you wish to perform within the US. If you’re looking for someone outside of the US, this is not possible on PublicBackgroundChecks.com.

For some of its searches, this website uses PeopleFinders.com, which is quite highly rated amongst its peers. However, we do feel that PeopleFinders performs better in particular areas, so it’s hard to recommend Public Background Checks in its place.

One feature which appears here, which you won’t find everywhere, is the Self-Checking service. This allows you to locate data which has been kept on you, so you can find out what potential employers or members of the public will see if they search for you. On some websites you can also edit this information if it is incorrect. This service is, again, outsourced to another website: backgroundsonline.com.

To conclude, Public Background Checks offers some solid services at a reasonable price. However, it falls into obscurity because it does nothing different or outstanding to make it stand out from the crowd. It’s not a bad site by any means, but there are better ones out there which will cost a similar amount.

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