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If you’re interested in finding out a bit of information about someone, it is no doubt a concern that you might be challenging certain moral boundaries. Like it or not, each of us has a paper record as we travel through our lives, from birth, to marriage, any legal affairs that crop up, to our deaths. To many, this is necessary for authorities to be able to keep a trace on people and to make sure they’re safe.  BeenVerified.com is a background checks website which takes its moral obligations seriously. It clearly outlines its position on the documents it provides, suggesting that they are for particular reasons, utilizing public records, and not for causing trouble.

BeenVerified.com provides a series of Do’s & Don’ts, helping you to understand your responsibilities when using public record information. For example, it suggests that it’s a great idea to check out your own records, to verify online buyers and sellers or to retrieve public court records. However, it highlights that you cannot crosscheck potential tenants, stalk or spy on people, steal identities or perform credit checks, amongst other things. Some of these may be surprising, such as looking for a nanny or domestic help, but their focus is on the legal attainment and use of public records, not in checking up on people to contact them against their wishes. 

You can check real customers’ stories to see what they thought of the service, and in which ways it helped them out. The service scans millions of records (which is fewer than some of the sites we’ve looked at), with a particular focus on records that are publically available. 

A free search for someone’s name will offer their age, cities of residence and relatives. Searches are quick enough, although not as quick we’ve found elsewhere. They check public records, court records and proprietary data sets to write up single reports, offering you as much information as possible in one document.

Been Verified also offers apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, so you can use it on the move. This is particularly handy if you wish to pull up information on the move, when you might not be near your computer but you wish to check some data.

Membership prices are very reasonable, with longer contracts offering great value for money. However, since the service suggests it is not suitable for employee checks, it might not be ideal for you if you plan on using it for screening potential employees.

The website is easy to use, offering a simple search which then presents you with potential candidates. You include a person’s name, age, city or US state, then browse through the results and pick the person you’re looking for. The search could be further improved by allowing you to filter out particular results (for example if you know that someone has no criminal convictions). 

If you need any assistance, then you can call the support team for help. There are also a few videos and some advice on how to search, as well as tips on how to read the data. This educational element is great as documents could be a little difficult to decipher now and then.

Overall, whilst Been Verified doesn’t offer the variety of documents you’ll find elsewhere, we liked its moral stance and its dedication to educating you on how to use public records to your advantage. Prices are fair and the system is easy to use, so check it out!

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