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Direct Screening Review

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DirectScreening offers a database of more than 240 million criminal records. You can perform a quick search within any of the 50 US states or key regions, choosing from a range of reports at different prices.

Social security number searches are the most basic, but also the cheapest searches to perform. At around $5, you can get a little information about someone’s past, and thereafter decide if you need more detail. From there you can choose from local or national reports on a person’s criminal activity.

There are basic or enhanced searches to perform, although the only real difference is that the enhanced search includes the social security numbers search. The combined effect is a more detailed report.

The site is easy to use, although it does feel quite limited. There’s not really anything to help you understand the forms, other than some samples, and there are no links or guides to help you find further information once you’ve used their system. Some degree of assistance would go a great way to helping you to complete your research.

You can request help by filling out a contact form online, or by sending an email or letter through the post. There is, however, no FAQ, meaning that you are completely reliant on a reply from the customer services team.

The site says that it delivers the “most accurate, up-to-date” information in a user-friendly format. This isn’t untrue, although again we’re not sure that the site has really been developed enough to help you make the most of your searches and results. Still, the reports are compiled in a consistent manner, meaning that you can quickly get used to the layout in order to understand what is being said.

Prices are clear, but not particularly low. You’ll probably find similar searches for a similar price, potentially even cheaper if you check out some of the top background search websites around. 

If you pay for a report you can download and print it, or store it online for up to 3 months. You can also save the electronic file, meaning you have a permanent record. It’s good to see that you have a few options in terms of storage, although this isn’t really a unique feature of DirectScreening.

In summary, Direct Screening provides a quick and effective service for finding out about a person’s criminal history. However, it doesn’t do anything particularly special and its prices aren’t particularly low. Overall, there are no big negatives here, but there are also no outstanding qualities which set this website apart from its peers.

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