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Website: http://www.lexisnexis.com/backgroundchecks/personal-background-checks.aspx

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Lexis Nexis Background Checks Review

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Businesses, big or small, can be vulnerable. Whether it’s from your competition, false claims, or even your employees overcharging for health care, corporations are at risk from being sucked economically dry. Step forward, Lexis Nexis.

LexisNexis.com is a website which combines a range of services, primarily for businesses, which help to acquire and utilize information to help them to save money and make sure they’re functioning within the boundaries of the law. 

There are a few key areas of expertise to consider when you’re thinking about signing up to LexisNexis. They offer a range of personal background checks, which vary from public record searches to vital records and additional reports. Each of these is explained in detail on the website, if you’re unsure what they entail. Suffice to say, if you need to find public record information on an individual or corporation, they can help you achieve this.

The team are specialists in business background checks, helping companies to claim lost earnings or prevent undesirable losses. For instance, they offer debt locator services, helping you to track down individuals who have absconded with debts owed to your company. Meanwhile, they also offer identity verification so you can make sure your clients, customers and other companies are who they say they are. Much of this is linked to legal requirements and due diligence, which the site explores in great detail.

If you’re unsure whether or not your company would benefit from Lexis Nexis’ services, you can check a list of industries they serve. This section of the website gives some details as to how their services can aid you, which is very useful if you’re not quite sure about the ins and outs of each feature.

Most of the services are performed by the team members, who then compile a report and deliver it to you. This is unlike some of the other background check websites we’ve reviewed, where it’s more common for you to perform the searches for yourself. However, the public record search facilities are provided by PeopleWise, where you can quickly search for people, businesses and assets, utilizing billions of records.

Subsequently, the LexisNexis.com site is a more like a document outlining their services, rather than a site where you can actually perform a search. It’s a professionally written website, but not overly wordy or inaccessible for the layman. 

You won’t find any prices on the website, which is a little disconcerting. The reason is that the team will put together a plan for you, with a proposed price. The work is taken out of your hands for the most part, so we anticipate that their services will cost more than DIY background search sites.

Lexis Nexis is a professional service offering a wide array of background searches, primarily for businesses. If you have the money to spend, their various services ought to be a big help to anyone who wishes to acquire information from public records and beyond.

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