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Court Records Review

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CourtRecords.org describes itself as an online records resource which uses a variety of data sources to help you find the court records you require. It does this by searching over a billion records from public and private sectors, suggesting that it is a “recognized and trusted” information provider. 

However, is everything as wonderful as it sounds? Sadly, we were disappointed by what Court Records had to offer. But first let’s deal with some of the positives...

The system is quick and pretty easy to use. You simply type in a person’s name and choose the US state their records relate to. A search takes just a few seconds and covers a range of legal records including felonies, misdemeanors, arrests and sex offenses. You can also check lien and civil judgement records, as well as inmate records and more. So, if you are interested in someone’s criminal record, this seems to be the place to come.

That said, when we performed several preliminary searches we retrieved no results. We’re pretty sure the names we searched for had criminal records because several people with that name appeared in search results on other background check websites. So what’s going on? We’re not really sure! It’s confusing, given the site claims to search over a billion records, that the three or four names we tried gave us nothing.

That’s not the only confusing thing. Whilst one part of the site suggests that CourtRecords.org searches over a billion reports, the home page says they search data from thousands of sources. This seems contradictory, unless there are billions of reports kept within thousands of data storage areas. Even if that is the case, things could be clarified

Prices are a complete mystery as they won’t tell you how much a report will be until you’ve performed a successful search and selected the data you want. Given the fact that our trials provided no results, we couldn’t actually access any prices.

Subsequently, in our experience CourtRecords was pretty much useless as a background checker. There are other websites which will perform the same searches, whilst also providing more detailed search results, whether it’s court records or another area of someone’s background.

If you hadn’t already guessed, we do not recommend Court Records. Perhaps if you’ve failed to find information elsewhere, it’s worth giving this website a check just to cover all your bases. Otherwise, it tends to feel like a bit of a waste of time and effort.

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