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Government Registry Review

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If you hadn’t guessed from the name, Government Registry is a sister website of GovRegistry, another background checks website reviewed in this category. Although similar, GovernmentRegistry.org is the superior of the two sites, offering a wider range of documents. It also makes its prices somewhat more visible, although there is still work to be done.

Again, this site is not an official US Government website, so please don’t fall into that honey trap. Rather, it is a portal which allows you to access public documents, for a fee. We’ll start by talking about fees, because this is something of a bugbear. 

In essence, to access reports on this website you need to be a paying member. To access instant reports you need to pay around $30. It’s unclear, however, if this is a one-off, lifetime payment. Afterwards, you have one of two choices: pay for individual reports, or add a one year unlimited search pass, which allows you to perform unlimited phone searches, people searches, reverse address searches, business searches, reverse IP searches and more. However, you can find other websites which will offer this information for two or three dollars per report, so we’re not sure it’s worth it unless you want to find at least 3 pieces of information.

Even if you have decided to pay the instant report access fee and the 1 year unlimited search pass fee, you might still need to pay additional fees to access particular reports. Prices vary, and you will only be able to find out how much this will cost if you perform a search and then try to access the report. In short: you could end up paying quite a lot of money without being able to access any of the information you need. The only option is to then pay an additional fee to access it.

GovernmentRegistry isn’t all bad. They do offer a decent  variety of reports, taking data from more than a billion documents.. These range from person reports and identity verification, to people searches, arrest records, property records and more. But nothing here is unique and it’s hard to see what they offer above any other site.

Searching is relatively simple, but the website could be better organized. There’s too much text floating around, and hyperlinks glaring out at you, which can be a little confusing and intimidating. 

Government Registry might be worth checking if you can’t find a record elsewhere. However, be prepared to pay more for it. If you’re not sure what you’re getting or how much it will cost you, you should try to contact the customer services team, who can hopefully lead you in the right direction.

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