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Hire Right s/b hire Wrong
28 September 2011
Reviewer: Self Employed from Maryland

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The company I am being hired by uses Hire Right. The On-line form only includes space for one College degree. The organization does not seem to understand what self employment means. They do not seem to understand what employment data is included in a tax return and what is not. I get the request for the information from different people. I get told contradictory requirements (Schedule C only is OK to send to verify self employment, then I get told it must be the entire tax return). They are not setup to handle people who file their own taxes or where taxes are filed electronically (no signature by Third Party on e-filing).
They seem very lazy, wanting the person being investigated to do all the work and they can only follow a canned script. (like asking for a w-2 to prove self employment).

In summary, I would not recommend Hire Right to a friend.

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