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Terrible Customer Service
06 February 2015
Reviewer: Lck from San Francisco, CA, USA

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I work as a Sr. Recruiter for a company that hires ~150 candidates per year. For the most part, things run smoothly and we get the results back on each background within days. The problem comes in when you need to actually work with their customer service department. Every time I've either called in or used their live chat feature, the message I get loud and clear is "we just don't care, and we'll get to it when we can". We work with many clients who dictate what we check for on the candidates who would be working directly with them, and they are often outside of the standard. I called HireRight the first time to find out if they offered the services requested and let them know that we had a major deal riding on getting this information back quickly and there was a high sense of urgency here. Three weeks later, and after incessant follow-ups, they finally get me the answer. It was incomplete, but at that point, it was too late anyway. But how can it take a company three weeks to figure out what they do or do not offer? We've also had them return backgrounds to us marked as "complete", but where they have entirely skipped over categories that we requested be included. They didn't have the information necessary to complete it, per their customer service, but no notifications of that were sent out to us or the candidate letting us know there was an issue so that we might have a chance to fix it to avoid any longer than necessary delays. This mishap also puts us in a position (outcome pending) of potentially losing a major deal if we can't get this candidate cleared and out to our potential client site by a deadline that is approaching fast. When I expressed the urgency of this situation and that it may cost us millions, they apologized to me for the "inconvenience" and promised to try to have it resolved in 48 hours, which they claim is their expedited speed. 24 hours later they send me a contract to sign to add a feature that would resolve the issue, and again claims it will be resolved within 48 hours of it being returned. I once had an agent approve and add a feature on the spot, so I really can't fathom why they now need a contract and an additional 48 hours to add this one. No real difference in the two since they both required extra fees. Bottom line, is that their customer service is blase, their response times very slow, and because of both you will never walk away feeling like a valued client.

In summary, I would not recommend Hire Right to a friend.

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